The CTS patient check-in kiosk solution is not limited to hardware.  CTS offers a complete turn-key solution.

Your Electronic Health Record/Electronic Medical Record Provider:  CTS partners with some of the largest software companies in the industry for equipment and enclosure solutions that meet the specifications of current EHR/EMR providers.

Patient Check-in Kiosk Software:  Alternately, for facilities that prefer a fully integrated solution, CTS can provide both the hardware and software together. CTS’s middleware options also provide patient check-in solutions that will integrate seamlessly with existing EHR/EMR provider’s software with multiple interface options.

This easy to use and easy to administer software modules allows customers to pilot a wide range of functionality, and expand as their needs require or changing conditions dictate.


The workflow options available for clinical or ED are:

  • Patient Check-in
  • Patient Record Update
  • Patient Photo
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Copayment Collection
  • Bill Collection
  • Numeric PIN Acceptance
  • Receipt Printing
  • Duplex Image Scanning (Insurance Card & Driver’s License)
  • Signature Capture and Forms Generation
  • Surveys
  • Wayfinding with Map Printing