Legacy Desktop

CTS developed and offered the Patient Passport Express™ kiosk for patient check-in and it was a hugedesktopper success with tech-savvy healthcare facilities nationwide. But our clients came to us wanting more – actually, they wanted less. Less kiosk, that is. In answer, CTS developed the DeskTopper™.

The Desktop Kiosk is the newest addition to CTS’s line of patient check-in kiosks. The redesigned desktop kiosk is more advanced and capable than ever before.  The kiosks’ overall footprint was reduced, without sacrificing quality.  It includes a larger 19” touch screen, as well as support for additional peripherals which were previously unavailable on the desktop product line.

The DeskTopper™ has all the hardware features of its big brother, including an 8.5” wide thermal printer for full page outputs, but compacted into a small form factor. The unit is designed for use on tables/counters and still meet ADA reach requirements. Sometimes, less is more.

Equipment Options

  • 17” Touchscreen
  • Lenticular Privacy Filter
  • Signature Capture Pad
  • Magnetic card reader
  • EMV Reader
  • 8.5” Thermal printer
  • Duplex image scanner
  • Webcam

Branding Options

  • Left and Right Side Cut Vinyl Decals
  • Above Screen Cut Vinyl Decal
  • Decorative Top Panel for Logo, Message, or Webcam
  • Beige, Dove Grey, or Royal Blue Powdercoat Colors